"Terri has always done an outstanding job managing my rental property. Any problems that may arise are taken care of in a timely manner giving me peace of mind. She will always have my business."
- Jared Taylor

"Terri Callaway is a smooth liaison between owner and tenants, very accessible and personable, a problem solver, just the person you would want standing in for you. Thorough, thoughtful, honest, Terri can put your mind at ease, too. From our experience, we wholeheartedly recommend Terri Callaway's property management services."
- Russ and Carol Jones

There are many tough choices in life.
This isn't one of them.

Choosing a property management company in the Medford, Oregon area?
If you look closely, it's not a difficult decision. Choice One Property Management offers a unique combination of friendly, local service and big-city expertise. Put them together and you have all the attributes you need in a property management firm.

Efficent, disciplined and actively working in your
best interest.

Property management is a high-energy business. We run, jump and respond at a moment's notice,   so we have to be efficient!

At Choice One our systems, policies and procedures allow us to stay on top of things, even when the pace is hectic.  In fact, with our Responsiveness Promise, you'll get the best service in the business. (Ask us about our commitment to same-day service!)

We treat every property as if it's our own investment… tracking every detail, reporting in a timely manner, and always working to save money without sacrificing quality.

Personable and genuinely easy to work with.
Even when the work's not easy.

From a service standpoint, Property Management can be a tough balancing act. We have the needs   of the homeowner to consider, the legal rights of tenants, the realities of the marketplace, and the pressure to keep costs down.

Handling all that takes a special kind of company.  At Choice One, we have the flexibility, tenacity,   and friendly attitude it takes to manage just about anything. We also have great communication skills. Call and see for yourself.

Dependable systems and a proven track record
in the Medford area.

A lot of people don't last in this business. They burn out or dabble in real estate sales.   But the team at Choice One is rock solid and firmly committed to building a lasting brand, one property at a time.

We've been doing this for more than 25 years - we're not going anywhere!  We've managed all sorts of properties, in economies weak and strong. So rest assured, your investment is safe when you choose Choice One.

Focused on caring for your property and protecting
your real estate investment.

At Choice One we're focused on one thing, and one thing only: managing your rental property for a positive return on your real estate investment.

We take that fiduciary duty very seriously, and we treat every property as if it's our own. We're fully insured and employ only licensed, bonded contractors to help with repairs and maintenance. And our accounting system helps us track everything, down to the penny.

phone: 541.622.8270
fax: 541.622.8264
address: 519 S. Riverside, Medford, OR 97501
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