"Terri is very good at what she does and has made it so much easier for us to own a rental. We would not have known where to begin, and she always has the answers."

- Judy Cortright
Grants Pass

Terri Callaway -

Experienced. Savvy. Hard Working. Local knowledge.

Terri Callaway's one of those people that you naturally gravitate toward. She draws people with a ready smile and a commendable, country-girl work ethic.

Terri's been in the Property management business for almost 30 years, and a property manager in Medford for almost 20. She works hard, but she also maintains an enviable balance between work and home life. When she's not running around managing your property, you'll find her tending to her animals on a small ranch in Sam's Valley.

"Our livelihood depends on us being efficient, disciplined, and perhaps even a little OCD when it comes to our processes. If we don't dot the "I"s and cross our "T"s no one makes money."
- Terri Callaway

"A lot of people who have rental properties are on fixed incomes. They rely on that rental income every month, and they can't afford to have a vacancy. We take that responsibility very seriously."
- Terri Callaway

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fax: 541.622.8264
address: 519 S. Riverside, Medford, OR 97501
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