"Jim McWalters has worked with Cal State Fullerton as a real estate consultant for more than five years. He has helped us with a wide variety of real estate projects, including our pursuit of real estate for the expansion of our main campus activities as well as the relocation of our Irvine Campus.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you consider Jim McWalters for assistance with any real estate related activities you may be contemplating."

- Dr. Willie Hagen
Vice President for
Administration & Finance/CFO
CSU, Fullerton

Jim McWalters -

Fidelity. Honesty. Perseverance. Performance.

Jim McWalters is a Navy man, through and through. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy and served on nuclear attack submarines. Needless to say, discipline and focus came with the territory.

Now he is applying those same principals to Choice One Property Management, where the term "Fiduciary responsibility" is his biggest concern.

As Managing Director of PM Realty Advisors, Jim was responsible for hundreds of real estate assets on behalf of a blue chip client base that included the retirement pension funds for Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous states, counties, and cities.

At Choice One he’s devoting that same level of care and attention to detail to your investment property.

"To me, 'Acting as a Fiduciary' means treating the property entrusted to you as if it were your own. You can be sure that I am I'm very careful with my investments."
- Jim McWalters

"As technology and market conditions change, we continually adapt and improve our services for property owners. We approach every assignment with honesty, integrity, and perseverance in order to produce optimum results with minimum risk."
- Jim McWalters

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